Path to Olympics 2018 and Ambassadorship – Academy Founder Held Lecture to Youth of Primary School he Went

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After successful participation on World Cup in Torino, and while EYOF 2019 (European Youth Olympic Festival) in Sarajevo was on its ends Founder of Excellence Academy Bosnia and Herzegovina was invited by primary school “Nafija Sarajlić” to spend morning with the youth of the school Edin attended too more than a decade ago. Edin was the best student in generation while he was in primary school. Beside sports short track speed skating, soccer and basketball he represented his school on competitions in math, physics, IT, drama play and technology.

Edin Brankovic Ambassador Reprezenttaivac ShortTrack brzoklizanje Excellence Academy Akademija Izvrsnosti

Edin was welcomed with great honors by director of the school, Prof. Aida Petković, his teachers and the staff of the school. He spoke of his journey as a professional athlete and IOC Young-Change Maker. After the lecture and time spent together with more than 60 students and their teachers Edin spet time with his teachers talking about current state of education in society and about the projects he is currently involved in. Afterwards young journalist of the school who edit the school newspaper and the school website did an interview with Edin.